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My name is John Roach, Jr. and I am the Presiding Judge of the 296th Judicial District Court. I am running for reelection in the upcoming Republican Party and I would like to ask you for you support and vote.

The 296th District Court is an exclusively civil and family law court hearing cases ranging from complex business disputes to child custody and divorce cases, including cases involving Child Protective Services.

Over the last three years, I have disposed of 6,480 cases of varying types. I have tried over over 35 jury trials and over 800 trials before the court, meaning the judge makes the final decision. This experience is crucial for maintaining an effective, efficient court at a time when judicial resources are limited.

I believe I have developed a reputation for being knowledgeable of the law, fair and firm. Above all, I strictly follow the law the way it was written by the Legislature rather than make it from the bench.

It is very difficult for citizens to really know who their judges are. If you are not an attorney or at the courthouse everyday, how do you really figure out who to vote for?

But there are citizens throughout Collin County who are in my Court and see what kind of judge I am, everyday - attorneys and jurors.

While you are on this website you will find a link to the section I call "A View from the Jury Box". There you will find unsolicited letters I have received from jurors who have actually served in my court. I think you will learn, from citizens just like you, who I am, what I stand for and the Judge I have become.

In addition, I would direct you to the link called "A View from Counsel Table". There you will find observations from attorneys who have appeared in my court, on what kind of judge I have been in cases they have tried on behalf of their clients.

After you learn about my life experience, my military service, my legal education and background, my service to our community and my service within the Republican Party I think you will understand why I can confidently ask you for your vote.

Thank you for visiting my website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.


Judge John R. Roach, Jr. 


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